2014 ERO Compliance Exam

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NOTE: This is the compliance exam for the Tax Year of 2013.

River City Bank is required by federal banking regulation to ensure all EROs working with the bank are familiar with the bank's policies and procedures, and certain federal consumer protection laws. EROs who are not familiar with the bank's policies, and the applicable laws and regulations, will not be permitted to partner with River City Bank. This exam is to ensure your compliance with these requirements.

River City Bank works diligently and maintains high standards to ensure consumer protection laws and regulations are followed, and we expect the offices offering our services to adhere to the same high standard.

Before completing this exam, please familiarize yourself with the River City Bank Administrative Guide and view the River City Bank Compliance Training Video (Click the links to download the items). At the end of the exam you will be told if you passed or failed. Individuals in your office may not work with the bank products in any capacity until they have successfully passed this exam.